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eLearning Friday, January 19, 2024

Posted Date: 1/19/24 (6:30 AM)

Principal's eLearning Challenge: National Popcorn Day
Send a photo of your child enjoying popcorn while reading a book on their eLearning day to Mrs. Copple via email I'll share your photos later this afternoon on our Facebook page. No popcorn, no problem! I'll happy accept any photos of Braves enjoying a good book on this snowy elearning day! 

REMINDER! When the school building is closed, all extra curricular activities (basketball, cheer, robotics, etc.) are also cancelled.  
Questions? Ms. Malerie is answering our phone line today! 812-752-8925 Please email your child's teacher in regards to specific assignment details or app issues. Emails are located on the Google Meet schedule below. Older students are well-versed in communicating via Canvas messages with their teachers. 

Canvas Assignments
Students should access assignments from their Canvas course as directed by their teacher. The icon looks like the one to the right. Students may also utilize other learning applications throughout the day that they use on a daily, or frequent basis. 

Google Meet Schedule
LIVE Google Meets with your child's teacher will occur twice daily: one for reading and one for math. (See schedule below or linked HERE.) Students who utilize special education services have opportunities for extra assistance with their teacher via Google Meet. GOOGLE MEET JOIN CODES will be shared by their teacher via ParentSquare. The ART and MUSIC Google Meet is open to students who would've had those classes on a normal MONDAY. The code for these Meets is included on schedule linked above/below.

For attendance, students must attend their Google Meet or complete 50% of all work. Keep in mind that work completion is still expected to show their understanding of learning concepts, and assignments can be included in the grade book. All assignments should be submitted no later than 3:00pm the following day.

As always, do not hesitate to reach out to your child's teacher via email or ParentSquare if you have questions.  Older students may utilize Canvas messaging with their teacher. You may also reach me via ParentSquare and email: 

Student Expectations
-Attend Google Meets as scheduled
       -Find a quiet space
       -Mute microphone unless directed
       -Turn on camera preferred
       -Stay stationary unless directed by your teacher for an activity
       -Be clothed appropriately (Pajamas and lounge wear are just fine!)
-Complete work tasks assigned
-Ask questions of their teacher during Google Meets
-Report technology issues to adults or their teachers
-Enjoy some downtime away from technology in the day


Tiffany Copple
VFES Principal

Schedule Link: